The Formula to a Balanced Dog

You may have recognized at the other dogs at Properties Veterinary Clinic and realized your dog may be different than theirs. You knew there was something wrong with your furry kid. Perhaps, you have heard about creating a balance between humans and canines. But have you ever wondered, what a balanced dog really means? You may picture a dog that is calm, submissive, well-behaved, and obedient. A dog that follows its humans. At this point, you may have given it a thought. Is there such a dog?


How to get your dog balanced?

It all starts with the formula. Would you believe that there is one? And just as with any other formula, there has to be two sides of it. You need to complete the three keys in order to get your dog balanced. You may have known exercise, discipline, and affection by heart. These three keys would be meaningless if you do not know how to find each one of them. Pay attention to your dog. Understand your dog's body, mind, and most of all his heart. The moment you understand those areas, you're a step closer to a balanced dog.

Balanced Dog

Let's focus on each key.

* Exercise

Dogs are just like humans. If you need to have a regular exercise and keep your body moving, so do your furry kids. They need to get enough exercise in order to break down their excess energy otherwise, it would override everything else. When this happens, it would dominate and loses your dog's focus on its emotions. At this point, your dog could go completely out of control.


* Discipline

It's going through your dog's mind. It may sound difficult, but it's not. Fulfilling this aspect can be completed when you complete and have the first key – exercise. This is how you challenge your dog's intellect. Yes, your dog has this too. As a matter of fact, this is where respect is created. Think about teaching your dog with regard to food aggression. Most probably only a few would know how to discipline their dogs during their mealtime. You have to keep in mind that raising a dog is just raising kids. Discipline is an essential.


* Affection

Next to allowing your dog to get into the groove, exercise, and discipline are giving him/her the love he/she needs. Remember the rule of the thumb. You need to maintain the balance. Imagine a dog so loved that the owner forgets to discipline him/her or take him/her to the park and go for a walk. Think about what its body would be. You can picture an obese dog lying in the corner of your home. You don't want to have this kind of dog. Maintaining a balance may not be easy for a few of us. Working through this balance requires time, effort, and most of all dedication and commitment. After all, this is what you need the moment you decide to open your doors for a new member of the family. If dogs need this formula, ours is to bring ourselves into our state of being for our dogs to follow.

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