Cats Are Like Humans

Proper Care for Cats
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You must be fond of cats. Many would love cats as their pets because of some of their characteristics. As a pet owner, are aware that your cat can be like you?


Cats Get Sick


In some ways, cats can be like humans. They also get sick and you'll be surprise to know how.


If you think only human get too much weight, then you have to know that your cat can reach obesity too. Yes. Studies show that cats that are taking too much fat, like being fed with fats containing foods, has the possibility of gaining weight.. So it is advised that cat must have a proper diet and exercise just like you do.


Too much weight of your cat may lead to diabetes. What is the common cause of diabetes? Just like humans, it is due to the slow production of insulin in the cat's body. This situation can cause your cat to urinate frequently, thus, regular intake of water is needed. When diabetes strikes your pet, it has the possibility to affect the appetite of the animal.


Cats can also develop urinary disease which is commonly caused by infections. You may often see your cat leaking its genitals, urinating frequently, or observe blood in the urine. When this happens, your cat surely has a urinary track infection which calls you to bring it to a veterinary clinic.


Cats also catch diarrhea. This commonly occurs when the intestines malfunctions. It can be caused by the food eaten by your pets so it's wiser to feed them with healthy foods.


Your pet cat can also have a body and joint pains, not only human has joints and body so it won't be possible for your cat to have pains in their body and joints. When you observe your pet having difficulties in moving, it might be suffering from arthritis. As studies show, arthritis is developed when abnormal changes take place in the joint.


Just like you, cats especially those overweight can also develop heart diseases. Heart diseases can be in forms.. For your pet, it may suffer heart defects affecting the valve and the muscle of their heart. Pets suffering from heart disease needs proper nutrition, exercise and medication.


Another sickness your cat can acquire is kidney problem. Symptoms like loss of appetite, frequent urination and sore mouth, as well as bad breath may tell you that your cat is having a a trouble with its kidney.


Some cats also have allergies. If humans can have allergies, cats have them too. This can be with the foods they eat. Cats' body system may react to the foods they take and can cause them to vomit or sometimes suffer diarrhea.


Cats Need Cure


Those mentioned diseases are commonly observed to humans. Who would have thought that your cats suffer from these? You might think they are just suffering from simple sickness. Don't wait for the time when you have to rush them to your veterinary clinic when their condition is fatal. They need a doctor. Visit your Calgary Veterinarian today if you think your cat could be suffering from ailments.


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