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Properties Animal Clinic, About Us

Properties Animal Clinic, a vet clinic in Calgary, Alberta operated for more than 30 years now. They are fully equipped with the best pampering equipment to give your pet the best and excellent care they need. As they treat your pet as their own, you can guarantee of a smooth and worry-free experience in keeping your pet healthy and happy. This vet clinic tries to stand out the possible way they can especially in developing trust and friendship from their clients.


"Your pet is our family."

Properties Animal Clinic, About Us

Properties Animal Clinic composes of professionals veterinarian in Calgary headed by Dr. Kent Morley. His love for pets gives him the drive to put up a vet clinic that defines the real value of animals in the society and why they need to be given extra care and love. The team aims to practice a high standard of veterinary job to give the right and excellent care your pets need. As they devote their time, effort and compassionate love to all stages of your pet's life, you can assure that your pet will love longer as expected.

The Calgary vet clinic focuses on pet's health, grooming and well-being. They accept regular medical check-ups, surgical, and dental problems. You can ask for proper advices as well regarding your pet's conditions and what possible treatments for it.

Properties Animal Clinic
Animal Clinic

"Dogs are not our whole life...But they make our lives Whole" - Roger Caras

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Pets Are Like Humas. They Deserve Proper Care, Pamepering And Love!

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Play With Them And Make Them A Part Of Your Home, As A Real Family!

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