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To better serve their animal patients, Properties Animal Clinic offers a wide range of veterinary service. The clinic has one veterinarian and trained technician who are always ready to handle veterinary care your pet needs during business hours.


The following are some of the veterinary services offered by Properties Animal Clinic:




This include Standard puppy shots (vaccinations) & kitten shots (vaccinations), Pet vaccination counselling and International pet vaccinations.

Spaying & Neutering


To help reduce the amount of unwanted pets and avoid a number of serious medical conditions among pets, Properties Animal Clinic also provides pet neutering and spaying services which include Cat spaying and neutering, dog spaying and neutering, kitten neutering and spaying, Puppy neutering and spaying.

Nutrition & Diet


The clinic also specialize in providing expert animal nutrition advice and consulatations depending on animal's conditions and needs.

Check-Ups & Exams


To help pet owners in keeping their pets healthy, the clinic also offers check-ups and exams services including in-house and off-site reference laboratory, ophthalmic examinations, Blood pressure measurement, radiology and many othr related services.



Properties Animal Clinic also gives emphasis on the value of dental health in mainataining pets vitality. With this, they are also committed in providing quality service when it comes to pets oral care such us pets teeth cleaning, full mouth examinations, full mouth examinations, dental surgery  and the like.


Properties Animal Clinic also offers other veterinary services ranging from surgery, diagnosis of new dog or cat symptoms, tick prevention, feline urinary tract infection treatment, and many other related services.


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